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Article 1 Definitions

Event: ‘Holland Heineken House’ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Including the activities on that location.

HEINEKEN: Heineken Netherlands B.V., established in Amsterdam.

NOC*NSF: Dutch Olympic Committee,* Nederlandse Sportfederatie, established in Arnhem.

Ticket: a document provided by Heineken, that bears the name of the visitor and provides access to the Event on the date that is mentioned on the document.

Applicant: the person that applies for a Ticket for themselves or other persons.

Visitor: the person that has a Ticket.

Agreement: the agreement between HEINEKEN and Applicant and/or HEINEKEN and Visitor.

Artist: The (professional) practitioner of arts, amusement, sports and/or media – like artists, musicians, presenters, commentators, (TV) personalities, jury members – and all people who facilitate these (professional) practitioners in a technical, organizational, producing or artistic way.

Location: the place where the Event will be held, including the terrain, access roads, areas and fields surrounding it, except for areas that aren’t accessible for Visitors or guests of Visitors.

Audience: everyone that visits the Event.

Article 2 Relevance

2.1 These terms and conditions apply to all offers and Agreements, including services, acts, deliveries and activities of HEINEKEN, connected to the Event.

2.2 These terms and conditions apply when a Visitor obtained a Ticket through an official seller, like ARPO Entertainment/, without excluding others.

2.3 Deviations of from these terms and conditions are only binding when HEINEKEN has given confirmation in writing. A deviation that is confirmed in writing by HEINEKEN refers only to the Agreement for which Heineken accepted the deviation.

2.4 Applicant vouches that all Visitors for who he/she applies for tickets, will comply with these terms and conditions.

Article 3 Application process for Tickets

3.1 Every fan of the Dutch Olympic team can apply for Tickets one time through the official website of the Event by following the instructions on the website. In case of conflict, these terms and conditions prevail.

3.2 Applicant needs to be 18 years or older and possess a valid passport or ID-card. Because of law and regulations in Brazil and The Netherlands, visitors need to be 18 years or older. Minors are only allowed in The Holland Heineken House between 11 am and 8 pm and under supervision of at least one person older than 21 years per minor.

3.3 Applicants without an official ticket for Rio 2016 can apply for a maximum of two preferred dates. When Tickets are assigned, these preferences will be taking into account. However HEINEKEN cannot guarantee that Applicants will get a Ticket for the preferred dates. If there are no more Tickets available for the preferred dates, a Ticket for another date will be assigned.

3.4 Applicants will receive an e-mail. In this e-mail HEINEKEN can ask for information that needs to be given before a certain date. If Applicant does not provide this information on time, in the way that is instructed in the e-mail or provides incorrect information, HEINEKEN can assign the Tickets to other Applicants, without restitution.

3.5 Applicants who are assigned Tickets, will get a personal message.

3.6 Tickets are only available through and are named and not transferable.

3.7 The price of a Ticket is 15 euro, including 2,50 euro handling fees. The price of a Ticket will be charged to the Applicant. If an Applicant applied for multiple Tickets, the total amount will be charged to the Applicant.

3.8 After receiving the full payment and the application is accepted, the Tickets will be sent to Applicants by the end of June. Applicant is responsible for making sure the right name of a Visitor is on the Ticket.

3.9 HEINEKEN has the right to deny applications or deny Visitors from entering the Event, when they do not meet the terms and conditions, did not provide the information on time, improperly influenced the assignment of Tickets or when Tickets are sold out or any other unforeseen event.

3.10 A group application cannot be altered or annulled after applying.

Article 4 Debit card

4.1 The Event uses a cashless paying system. Heineken gives every Visitor electronic tender in the form of a card. The Visitor can put credit on this card. The Visitor can increase his or her credit by paying for it with a debit or credit card at a cashier at the Event or any other method provided by HEINEKEN.

4.2 During the Event there will be no restitution of remaining credit. Visitors can get a refund after the Event. To get this refund, the Visitor will need to fill in a form on the website of the Event within four weeks after the Event. The restitution will come with additional costs, as mentioned on the website of the Event. Restitution is only possible if Visitor still has the card from the Holland Heineken House. In case of loss or theft, restitution is not possible. HEINEKEN cannot be held responsible for loss or theft of the card.

Article 5 Ticket

5.1 The Ticket remains property of HEINEKEN at all times.

5.2 The Ticket will be provided only once. When a substitute Ticket has to be arranged, a fee of 5 euro will be charged.

5.3 The Ticket is strictly personal, non-transferable and only provides access for the Visitor whose name is registered by HEINEKEN.

5.4 The Visitor needs to be 18 years or older. For Visitors younger than 18 years, article 3.2 applies.

5.5 From the moment the Ticket is provided to the Applicant, the risk of loss, theft, damage or abuse lies with the Visitor.

5.6 HEINEKEN only accepts Tickets that are obtained from HEINEKEN or an official selling point that is licensed by HEINEKEN. The onus for this is on the Visitor.

5.7 The start and end times on the Ticket are subject to change.

5.8 Tickets only provide access to the Event and do not guarantee that Visitors can participate in all activities or that Visitors can watch these activities unimpeded.

Article 6 Access to the Event

6.1 Visitor is obligated to show a valid ID when entering the Event or during the Event when HEINEKEN personnel asks for it.

6.2 Visitor needs to present a valid and undamaged Ticket when entering the Event or during the Event when HEINEKEN personnel asks for it. HEINEKEN has the right to change the ticket for a wristband of the Event, that provides access to the Location, exclusively on the date that is mentioned on the Ticket.

Article 7 Prohibition of (re)selling

7.1 It is not allowed to transfer a Ticket to a third party without confirmation in writing from HEINEKEN or to transfer a Ticket indirectly to a third party for commercial use or to even refer to this in any way.

7.2 Acting in contrary to article 7.1 will lead to expiration of validity of the Ticket, without restitution.

7.3 Visitors are not allowed to advertise the Event or Tickets without confirmation in writing from HEINEKEN. All rights to the brands Holland Heineken House and Heineken rest with HEINEKEN.

Article 8 Commitments Visitor

8.1 Visitor is obligated to adhere to the safety rules that apply on the Location and follow orders from security, firemen, police and other authorized personnel.

8.2 Visitor is obligated to cooperate in a search when entering or during the Event.

8.3 Visitors are not allowed to bring professional recording equipment to the Event. If Visitor brings professional recording equipment to the Event and/or Location, HEINEKEN has the right to seize this equipment for the duration of the Event and delete already made recordings.

8.4 Visitors are not allowed to record the Event in its totality and/or performed works in their totality. Acting in contrary gives HEINEKEN the right to seize these recordings and exploit or delete them, unabated HEINEKEN’s right to compensation. The recordings made by Visitors of parts of the Event and/or performed works, may not be used for commercial uses or made public in any way.

8.5 Visitors are not allowed to bring animals, glass, plastic, cans, fireworks, food, drinks, alcohol, drugs, weapons, umbrellas, banners, flags, other potentially dangerous objects or objects that can cause noise disturbance to the Event and/or Location. If Visitor brings one of these items to the Event and/or Location, HEINEKEN has the right to seize these items. Umbrellas can be stored at the cloakroom. If HEINEKEN establishes that Visitor has any of these items in their possession during the Event, HEINEKEN or security personnel has the right to remove the Visitor from the Event, without the possibility of any compensation.

8.6 Visitors are not allowed to bother other Visitors or staff during the Event. Visitors are also not allowed to be drunk in public or throw drinks. If Visitor acts in contrary to these regulations, HEINEKEN and/or the security personnel hired by HEINEKEN has the right to remove the Visitor from the Event, without the possibility of any compensation.

Article 9 Rights HEINEKEN

9.1 HEINEKEN and the security personnel hired by HEINEKEN have the right to deny Visitors entry before and during the Event and remove Visitors from the Event, if HEINEKEN thinks this is necessary for safety reasons.  

9.2 If Visitor does not uphold his commitments according to the Agreement, in particular the commitments mentioned in articles 3.2, 5.3 and 6,7 and 8, HEINEKEN or the security personnel hired by HEINEKEN have the right to declare a Ticket invalid and/or deny the Visitor entry to the Event and/or remove the Visitor from the Event, without the possibility of compensation.

9.3 Drinks or food can only be purchased with cards that are available at the Event.

9.4 The Artists and HEINEKEN have the right to register the Event and Visitors in the broadest sense possible, for example through (but not limited to) photography, film and audio recording. Furthermore Artists and HEINEKEN have the right to exploit these registrations in the broadest sense possible, through for example (but not limited to) CD’s, DVD’s and/or music files and broadcasts on TV, radio, internet or other media.

9.5 If Visitor is featured in these recordings or the portrait of Visitor is captured in it, then Visitor gives permission for exploitation and/or making these recordings public, without a claim to any compensation.

Article 10 liability and indemnity

10.1 Attending the Event and/or entering the Location is at the Visitor’s own risk. HEINEKEN is not responsible for damages as a result of loss or theft of personal belongings or injury, whether or not caused by the Audience.

10.2 Liability of HEINEKEN for damages, including consequential damages, lost profits, lost wages, lost savings and business interruptions is excluded.

10.3 The excluding of liability is also for damages that are attributable to staff of HEINEKEN, supporting staff or other personnel that is hired by HEINEKEN.

10.4 HEINEKEN aspires to uphold the initial time schedule for the Event. HEINEKEN is not responsible for deviations and the deriving damages for Visitors.

10.5 Visitor will indemnify HEINEKEN against all liabilities from third parties for which Visitor is liable according to the law. Visitor will pay HEINEKEN for the damages for which he is responsible, including all legal costs.

Article 11 Force majeure

11.1 In case of force majeure, HEINEKEN has the right to move or cancel the Event.

11.2 Force majeure is: every circumstance independent of HEINEKEN’s will, that ensures that it is impossible for HEINEKEN to fully fulfill her commitments to Visitors, like (but not limited to): non-attributable shortcoming of HEINEKEN or persons that HEINEKEN uses to execute the Agreement, like supporting staff and contractors of HEINEKEN, work strikes, work exclusion, sickness, import ban, export ban, transport problems, machine malfunction, traffic disruption, blackouts, delivery problems, changed regulations, government measures, terrorism, death of a member of the Royal Family, HEINEKEN suppliers that fail to fulfill their obligations, extreme weather conditions, frost, nature disasters, war and/or threat of war, disruptions of the supply of goods to be delivered by Suppliers, disruptions in the water and energy supply, disability of an Artist due to sickness or an accident, death in the family of an Artist, temporary or definitive dismemberment of group the Artist belongs to, circumstances that lead to an Artist not being able to be on time for the show (for example extreme weather conditions, a traffic accident or traffic jam) and/or the Event cannot be held in a responsible way.

Article 12 Personal data

12.1 The data provided by Applicants and/or Visitors will be recorded in a database of HEINEKEN and NOC*NSF, taking into account the applicable laws and regulations. The data will be used to make sure the Event will go well, to assign Tickets, to enhance the website experience, to measure response and to inform the Applicant and/or Visitor.

12.2 If the Applicant and/or Visitor provides data of other persons, for example when ordering Tickets for these persons, the Applicant and/or Visitor vouches that these persons have given permission to use their data for the purposes, as described in the terms and conditions and the Applicant and/or Visitor safeguards HEINEKEN, NOS*NSF and their supporting staff from all liabilities that are connected to personal data.

12.3 Personal data will not be made available to third parties that are not involved in the organization of the Event, except when HEINEKEN and/or NOC*NSF need to provide personal data on account of the law to protect personal data or the Marco Divil da (for example providing personal data in case of a criminal investigation).

12.4 The Applicant/Visitor can file a request to view their own personal data or remove or alter their data, if it is incorrect or incomplete (this is possible on

Article 13 Amendments

HEINEKEN has the right to make amendments to these terms and conditions. You can check the most recent version at

Article 14 Applicable law and competent court

14.1 Only Dutch law is applicable on the Agreement and all promotions by HEINEKEN. All disputes that derive from the Agreement, will be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam.

14.2 The Dutch text of these terms and conditions prevails above other translations.


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